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How To Stop Project 2025: Rep. Jared Huffman Discusses The New Dem Task Force

Rep. Jared Huffman and I unpack the most dangerous components of Project 2025 and discuss how the new "Stop Project 2025 Task Force" aims to highlight, preempt, and counteract this authoritarianism.

This week, I had the opportunity to have a crucial conversation with Rep. Jared Huffman (D-CA) about Project 2025 and the new House Democratic task force he formed to combat it.

We break down the key components of Project 2025 in this conversation and discuss how this new “Stop Project 2025 Task Force” will highlight, preempt, and counteract this looming authoritarian agenda.

For those who need a refresher, Project 2025 is an authoritarian effort to reshape the federal government into a tool of the far-right. It’s organized by the Heritage Foundation and over 100 right-wing organizations, who have created a 920-page playbook instructing the next Republican president on exactly how to abuse the full force of executive power. Trump’s Agenda 47 aligns closely with this project, which includes purging civil servants, consolidating power in the White House, and executing a far-right agenda that targets our civil liberties.

In this interview, we discuss how Trump and his allies plan to re-implement Trump’s Schedule F executive order, which will purge tens of thousands of civil servants and replace them with trained GOP loyalists. We spotlight the dangers of Trump’s plan to consolidate power in the executive branch by dismantling multiple departments and bringing independent agencies like the FCC and FTC under direct White House control.

We highlight the Project 2025 plan to implement anti-anti-abortion measures, roll back environmental regulations, mass deportations, use the military against civilians, end federal protections for LGBTQ+ people, push “Christian Nationalist” ideals, and undo all progress made in diversity, equity, and inclusion within the federal government under the guise of religious freedom.

Then, Rep. Huffman discusses how the Project 2025 Task Force plans to use a public hearing to highlight this threat, the steps they could take to counteract this agenda if Trump wins, and Rep. Huffman gives me a sneak peek of some of the polling the organizations on the task force have done on Project 2025.

I’ve been writing and talking about this for about 8 months, and so have many others. We’ve all been hoping to boost awareness and ultimately trigger action. Well, now, action is being taken by House Democrats.

You can watch and listen to the full interview above or listen to it on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. It’s also been uploaded to my new YouTube channel linked below.

You can also follow the work of the “Stop Project 2025 Task Force” and Rep. Jared Huffman on social media here: @JaredHuffman.

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