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The Threat Of Project 2025: My MSNBC Interview With Stephanie Ruhle

This week, I was invited on MSNBC's The 11th Hour to discuss Project 2025 and how Trump aims to reshape the federal government into an authoritarian tool of the far-right.

On Wednesday, I was invited on MSNBC’s The 11th Hour to speak with one of my favorite anchors, Stephanie Ruhle, and historian Ruth Ben-Ghiat to discuss Project 2025.

“What Trump is trying to do here is essentially remove and target all the guardrails that prevented his worst impulses in his first term,” I told Stephanie. That’s exactly what Trump and his allies have planned for a potential second term.

I’ve written extensively about Project 2025, but for those who are unfamiliar, Project 2025 is an authoritarian plot to replace tens of thousands of federal workers with trained GOP loyalists, dismantle federal agencies, turn the federal government into a tool of the far-right, and implement their extremist agenda.

That agenda includes the centralization of power in the executive branch, outright dismantling of multiple federal agencies, anti-abortion measures, rolling back environmental regulations, immigration crackdowns, ending federal protections for LGBTQ+ people, pushing “Christian Nationalist” ideals, and undoing all progress made in diversity, equity, and inclusion within the federal government under the guise of religious freedom.

Stephanie said this was just the first of many segments on Project 2025 and Trump’s other second-term plans. This kind of journalism is vital, and I commend Stephanie and The 11th Hour production team for their work.

This was my first time on national TV, and the topic couldn’t have been more important. Thank you all for supporting my work! You’ve made all this possible. I’m going to keep trying my best to spotlight the threat that Donald Trump and his allies pose to American democracy as best I can.

I hope you all check out the full segment (click on the thumbnail at the top of this article) and share it far and wide. You can either share this article directly or share The 11th Hour’s social media post about the segment. The more we inform Americans about this threat to democracy, the better.

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